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 We Are All Interconnected.     

At Karma's Garden we rely on and provide quality, not flashy labels or prices like $9.98.  We're not into marketing trickery.   

Why These Products?  
We have been using most of the products and concepts you will encounter on this site for years.   We find them all inspirational and are happy to have an opportunity to share them.   We truly believe that we are all, and everything is, interconnected. Please allow us to share our organic gardening with you.
FREE DELIVERY in San Diego ($20 minimum order).

Karma's Garden: Organic Garden Design
(Available for delivery in San Diego County)

Please allow us the opportunity to help you start your own organic container garden. They are beautiful, low-maintenance, delicious, and eco-friendly. Great options for renters, for busy people, or those who travel frequently. Free estimates. Please contact us to learn more details.  

Our Sources For Organic Veggie and Herb Plants:

(Available in San Diego County)


We are teamed up with several local organic farmers, who have a wide variety of organically grown plants and trees. Our variety of organic plants has SKYROCKETED. If you do not see an organic plant you want, we will research it, locate it, and deliver it to your door. Please Contact Us for more information about available organic plants.


About Our Organic Herb Plants and Organic Salad Greens:

Organic Herb PlantsTaste a world of flavor from your own patio or backyard, without any chemical fertilizers or poisons. You won't find these organic herb plants at the "Clone Depot". Because our herb varieties from around the world have been acclimated to the San Diego and Southern California climate, they can thrive almost anywhere. 

We use absolutely no pesticides on our organic plants - not even "organic pesticides".

We are now offering these live organic herb plants: African Blue basil, Genovese sweet basil, arugula, and Cuban oregano. Karma's Garden specializes in basils, and we often have many other organic basil varieties.  All of our organic herbs are grown and delivered in organic soil. They are excellent starters for your own Organic Culinary Herb Garden. They are all grown organically with love. 


Hypertufa (Cast Stone): 

        Hypertufa Bench Hypertufa Planter
(Hand-crafted, custom-made Hypertufa Bench with hypertufa planter)

Hypertufa Planters are the best choice for container gardening and patio gardens.  They help plants conserve water, stabilize soil temperatures (because of the tiny air pockets), are lighter than cement or stone, and are more durable than terra cotta. They withstand cold temperatures, encourage root growth, and can be recycled. If broken, hypertufa pots can be further broken down with a hammer, and reused as a soil conditioner. You can create a patina by rubbing it with soil or peatmoss. If you coat the benches or planters with yogurt, it encourages moss growth, giving it an ancient look.

Karma's Garden also creates custom colored hypertufa with eco-friendly soy-based tints, to accent your home or landscaping walls. This gives a home an estately look, and makes exterior design elements "Pop". Please contact us for more details, or for examples of our work.


Organic Soils:

 Here are some of the organic products we use to nourish our plants: organic soil from the forests of Humbolt County,Organic Garden Organic Plants Northern California, and certified organic (by the Organic Materials Review Institute) Canadian peat moss.

We now carry PEACE OF MIND Organic Plant Food, along with other organic gardening products. If you have suggestions on what you think we should carry, please let us know. Our ears are always open to organic gardeners, so let us know what works for you.


Live Monarch Butterflies and Chrysalises:

Monarch Butterflies Organic PlantsMiracles truly exsist and are happening all around us. Proof of this is in the transformation and life journeys of a monarch butterfly. We lovingly hand raise monarch butterflies and thought we would like to share our passion with you. Feeding them organic nectars and keeping them "free range" in greenhouses is what sets us apart. Often, monarchs are raised in small enclosures or even kept in envelopes. Can you imagine treating butterflies like that?  We sure can't.

Available for delivery in San Diego County.

Urban Salvage Furniture:
(Available for delivery in San Diego County)

Please check out our Urban Salvage page for furniture that has been refinished using environmentally friendly practices. Not only will you get a great piece at a great price, you will be saving it from rotting in a landfill.


Hey there guests!  We are excited you have found your way to Karma's Garden!
We hope you can enjoy our "not the WallsMart" mentality.  Contact us, because we love to speak with our customers. We really enjoy organic herbs and organic container gardening.

Thanks for all your support.

One Love, and we hope to serve you soon!!

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